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Welcome to Studio des Artes, a creative haven nestled within The Walled Garden at West Wycombe, Bucks. Here, renowned artist William Nims invites you to witness his artistic prowess as he brings his visions to life on canvas.

Check out my work here.

Discover a stunning collection of paintings and prints available for purchase, each capturing the essence of diverse subjects ranging from beloved dogs and majestic horses to captivating scenes of people, boats, and charming houses. If you have a specific subject close to your heart, William is delighted to offer personalized commissioned works in the medium of your choice, be it a vibrant painting, a detailed drawing, or an expressive pastel.

With international acclaim, William Nims' art has found its way into collections across the continents, from America and Australia to various parts of Europe. His talent transcends boundaries, and now you have the opportunity to experience it firsthand in this idyllic setting.


Beyond admiring his art, the studio offers a chance to nurture your own creative spirit. Join William's drawing and painting classes, where you'll learn to craft fine landscapes inspired by the beauty of the wisteria veranda. Immerse yourself in an artistic journey and unlock the artist within you.

But that's not all! All children can come to embrace the magic of summertime at the charming Walled Garden Cafe on select days, where delightful face painting sessions await you! Create treasured memories amidst the picturesque setting as our talented artists adorn your faces with whimsical designs and vibrant colors. Let your imagination soar and experience the joy of wearing art on your face!

William Nims invites you to step into a world of artistic wonderment, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a budding artist, or simply seeking a delightful experience, we extend a warm invitation to visit our studio and be a part of the artistic magic.

Come, indulge your senses, and let the artistry unfold.

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